Agreement - Terms & Conditions

Educated Media LLC publishes and sells educational and training materials in audio, video, and print format. They all come with a minimum of a 30-day moneyback guarantee and in some cases longer guarantees if stated, meaning that if you like them, keep them, and if not, you can get your money back. However, the legal guys with the briefcases and the spiffy suits tell us that the following disclaimers need to be put out there so everyone understands the specifics of what we're offering and how the guarantee works.

By purchasing our training products, you acknowledge that you understand the following agreement. If you require clarification on any points, please contact us.

Our goal with our training products is to provide you with effective marketing tools, information and techniques.

“You mean I actually need to do some work?” 

Any and all claims or representations made in sales letters and promotional materials are to be considered exceptional results by motivated individuals who actually put the information and tools provided to use (i.e. do the work necessary) not the average result of everyone who buys our products - there are a lot of lazy people around and the "average" person doesn't do anything... and if you don't do anything, you can be certain that nothing will happen.

None of our training products guarantee or even imply that you will be able to be successful with these products. We cannot control how well you follow the instructions, how much time you put into mastering the materials or any existing skills (or lack thereof) you may have that could help or impede your progress.

Uniqueness of our training products: Our training products cover a wide range of topics in audio, video, and print format. If there are any statements made of uniqueness of our products, it is this compilation of materials that is unique, and not necessarily any specific content.

We do not make any claims as to how long it may take you to achieve your goals following our training. What we DO guarantee is that if you are not satisfied with your results in any way, we will refund 100% of your purchase price plus if you let us know within 60 days of purchase. Note: Refunds and guarantees apply only to product sales. Unless stated otherwise, there are no refunds or guarantees on services rendered.

Results of individual participants may be affected by factors like: previous experience, ability to do certain tasks, whether, ability to understand and follow simple directions, work ethic, and having the motivation to spend the time necessary to apply the information you receive instead of watching television. These factors are completely out of our control, and people vary greatly in the rate at which they work and learn.

Refund Policy

We provide an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee for a minimum of 30 days. Some products have a specifically longer stated guarantee. If for ANY reason you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days and every cent will be refunded.

Cancellation Policy For Recurring Billing Products.

In the case of recurring billing / monthly subscription products, the specific terms of the initial payment and recurring billing are stated in the sales materials, on the order form, on the receipt page, and in the receipt email. .

Any recurring billing subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, at which time the customer/user will no longer continue to receive future content.

General statistics mentioned in any sales letter are based on 3rd party research and statements and have not necessarily been confirmed by us, as it would be prohibitive to do so. However, we have every reason to believe they are true, and they are commonly held beliefs and we have no reason to believe they are inaccurate.

Any free bonus offer and discounted price offer does not in any way constitute a limited time offer. It states that the bonuses and present price are only guaranteed if you order before a certain date and/or time; That does not mean you won't get the bonuses or the current price if you order at a later time, only that it's not guaranteed.

All marketing and business ventures have risk. That is your alternative to a mind-numbing punch-the-clock job as an unappreciated employee. You are freely choosing to spend your time learning our training products. You will not hold us liable or accountable in any way for any failure of your efforts to live up to your expectations.

To sum it up, we believe our training products provide you with an excellent opportunity to improve your skills and become more successful with the topics covered, but we can neither control your efforts or your results, and can't control the future. You acknowledge that you understand the above, and by filling out the order form and/or placing your order to purchase our training products, you acknowledge that you have read and will abide by the above terms and conditions.